Frequently Asked Questions

Again, what is mideas?

mideas is a platform where young entrepreneurs’ global ideas take shape. We provide them with financial and social capital as well as business support.

Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, in case you

How should I apply?

Screening is done through the mideas web site. Register and fill out your personal profile and use the downloadable business plan to introduce your ideas. Feel free to attach supplementary documents as well. The more you share, the better because you will only be invited for a personal meeting if we think your concept has potential. We will give our answer in 90 days from your application.
If we are interested you will be invited to give a presentation in person. If you convince us there, we start working with you on validating your concept. If the concept proves to be viable, we establish the company with you and provide the necessary financing.

What does the business plan need to have?

We need all useful information that makes your concept understandable. We ask you to be clear and concise because we do want to understand your idea but time is money for all of us.

Now, is this a loan or some sort of grant (e.g. from the EU)?

No. We invest solely private capital.

What expectations do you have from the venture?

We are for-profit investors who want to invest in companies that turn profitable in time but don’t set expected return rates. Instead we want to discuss these with you.

How do you guarantee that my idea won’t be used without me?

Our goal is to see ideas turn into reality and founders gain the necessary skills to run companies on their own. We think of ventures as long-term investments and we know from experience that only the inventors possess the motivation needed to overcome the obstacles of an entrepreneur’s life.
On more practical terms, The Pannon Startup Foundation makes sure that no intellectual property is violated. In the case of every project, the MIDEAS system automatically creates a personalized Confidentiality Statement where we pledge to treat all shared data and information strictly confidential.

When will we establish the company?

Arriving to an investment decision takes time but as markets change rapidly we also try to speed up our processes. We evaluate applications submitted through our web site in 90 days and are ready to meet in person several times. If everything goes well, we can sign a deal in 3-4 months.

I am Hungarian but I live outside Hungary. Can I apply?


I am not Hungarian but I would like to start a venture in Hungary. Can I apply?

Yes, if you live in Hungary and your venture will have ties to Hungary.

This downloadable business plan just doesn’t work for me. What to do?

You can ask your questions in the project timeline and we will get back with an answer. This is actually the communication platform that becomes accessible once you have registered. It allows you to see the status of your application, what files have you uploaded, how much free space do you have and this is where you can reach us.

So if I have a great idea mideas helps making it real and also provides starting capital without taking full control. Does this sound too good to be true? What is in it for you?

Well, we think this is the right way and this can also be real. Besides supporting value creation through innovation the investors also get equity in the venture that appreciates as the valuation of the venture increases.

Can I come up with just any idea?

No, we have a few basic criteria: your idea must be innovative, linked to Hungary, possess global potential and profitable.

When can I apply?

We are constantly looking for new opportunities. Applications are evaluated continuously and feedback is given to the applicants by email.

I have several ideas. How many can I throw you at once?

Up to five ideas may be submitted at once. Already closed applications are not included here and all you need to make sure is that your material meets our criteria.

I already have a company and now I am looking for funding for a new project. Can I apply?

Sure, a running business is not a problem but keep in mind that you can only apply as an individual. Actually, we very much appreciate if you have already started building a company on your submitted concept.

I have uploaded my application but haven’t heard from you. Does that mean it was rejected?

No. All applications will be answered in 90 days from submission. Make sure you check your spam folder, have a look at the project timeline and see if you have given us the correct email address to reach you.

I have uploaded my materials but would like to edit them or add some more. Can you include them in your review?

Yes. Actually, if the submitted documents lack the necessary detail we will ask you to provide more information. Nevertheless, we ask you to click the Finalize/Submit button only if you think our application is complete. Should you decide to add more, do make sure to let us know.

Can you provide any insight on how do you evaluate the applications?

Unfortunately we cannot. The evaluation is rather subjective as excluding the criteria in point 2, there are no restrictions on the type of projects to submit.

What are the odds that I get included in the program?

This depends entirely on you and your idea only. We don’t have a limit regarding the number of projects we launch. If we see the potential we will be going for it!

What is the size of the seed investment you provide?

Seed means you receive exactly the amount you need to launch your business. This can be anywhere between 5 to 100 million HUF. Don’t forget that mideas will help you finding follow-on investment if it becomes necessary.

What exactly does help with business and administration mean?

It means that we assign a team of mentors to your project who will work closely with you even at the operational level. The team will be compiled based on your needs and may include lawyers, accountants and relevant industry and business experts. Furthermore, you will be in regular contact with the two chairmen of the Pannon Startup Foundation, Roland Kiss and György Simon.

Do you have preferred industries?

Absolutely not. We don’t think all innovation must come from the ICT sector. Anything in this world can be improved!

I like your vision and would like to offer my knowledge / experience / network / capital to help young entrepreneurs. How can I join your team?

Excellent! Do reach out to us using the Contact menu on the main page of our web site and we will sit down and talk about this.